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Friday, September 17, 2004

Just a couple photos

This image with the posts in the water is from Barnet Beach in Burnaby. I was there last weekend.

And here's one from last year. It's a murder of crows. When I shot this photo, the crows were quite close to the lens, and the sun was nearly shinging right into the lens. I was tracking the crows as they flew by, and took several shots. I've looked at this photo many times, and I wish I could post it in it's full size, because the detail of the birds is awesome. I've cropped this one so that the closest birds will show some good detail (there are actually a lot more birds in the original uncropped image). I posted this one here before, but this is a better crop I think.

lots of crows

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bingo and betty said...

kool your black and white alot too.