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Saturday, July 03, 2004

What a weird day. It's Saturday and I woke up way too early this morning, around four o'clock AM. So I got out of bed and sat at the computer for a little while, sent some emails, checked out some websites, and then I went back to bed. I thought I'd sleep until about eight or nine, but I woke up at eleven o'clock! By that time, I was starving, and of course there were no 'breakfasty' kind of things in the fridge, so I was frustrated. I found some toaster waffles in the freezer, but I'm out of margarine, so I had them with just strawberry jam. It wasn't the greatest breakfast I've ever eaten.

It's late in the afternoon now, and I think I'll either go out on the bike, or take a drive some where. I've been spending a little (yeah right--a lot!) too much time at the computer lately I think.

I've just changed the 'Archives' list to a pull-down menu. I think it was getting a little too unwieldy. Now you can just click on the archives menu and scroll down to choose the date.

I've also had to remove a bunch of the older photos again as my image host Village Photos will only allow me to store up to 800 images with the current level of membership I subscribe to. I'll be thinking of other alternatives soon, because having photos here on my journal is pretty much the root or the basis of "Life as Mark Sees it". I know that blogger offers a certain level of image hosting, so I'll see if I can combine the two, or something else that's similar.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Look at this!:

When I was leaving work this afternoon, some of the guys and I spotted this large dragonfly perched on a stick. I had my trusty little Canon G2 with me in my back pack, so I quickly pulled it out and got some shots. I didn't have too much time, because everyone was leaving and I had to go. L. from work stayed behind and watched as I took photos of it.

A few days ago, my landlord phoned me to inform me that there were baby racoons in her back yard. There aren't too many things cuter than baby racoons* out there, so I quickly grabbed the camera and went over there to take some shots:

Here's Mamma:

And the little ones (there were three):

And off they go:

*except for baby ferrets and monkeys