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Friday, August 20, 2004

The thought occurred to me this evening, that I should make a sister site to Life as Mark sees it, in which there is only my photographs. I could make a link to the site here in Life as Mark sees it, so people can jump back and forth as they please. I know there are a lot of people out there who are just looking for blogs with photos, so they will be happy.

I'll probably start working on that this weekend.

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Wednesday was another one of those days. I was a little tired at work because I didn't sleep very good on Tuesday night. Well, I didn't realize exactly how tired I was until I got home. I had plans to go to the gym and do some exercises, then I was going to come home, have dinner and work on the T-shirt design I've been working on for the up coming "Trees for Life 10K Fun Run". Well all my plans for the evening fell through when my body said "no".

I was sitting at my computer, checking my email when I started getting a little bit tired, then blackout! I suddenly wake up with a jerk, and discover I'd fallen asleep, sitting upright with my head flopped forward and my chin on my chest. I even drooled on myself. (I'm sure glad I live alone sometimes, 'cause how embarrassing would that be?). So I clumsily got up off my office chair and slumped down on the floor with some pillow. Out I went again. I don't remember getting up and climbing into bed, but that's where I woke up at about 9:30 PM. Bloody hell. There goes my evening. I had to eat a late dinner, which I don't like doing. Now I'm wide awake when I should be sleeping. You see, it's this working for a living thing that bugs me. When will my ship come in?

Monday, August 16, 2004

So the yard sale on Sunday was a bust. Hardly anyone showed up, so my friend and I just stood around in the hot sun most of the day.

The few people who did show up looked a little disturbed and hurried off. I don't know what their problem was:


 Here's a good buy...hey! Where are you going? Don't run away.

Hmf. No point even trying. I'll just sit here and relax with a good book.

Hehehe!! I'm just kidding of course. The I found the Jason mask at some other lady's table and thought it presented a great opportunity for a few laughs, so I bought it for a dollar and convinced my friend to take some photos of me wearing it. She thought it was pretty funny too.

The part about not many people showing up is true though. The lady who organized the multi-family yard sale said she'd put it in both the local news papers. However, many of the people there said they didn't see any signs out on the streets or anything. I think people around here respond to yard sales that are advertised on telephone poles and street corners, more so than through newspaper ads, ergo, barely any sales. I think I made about 50 bucks and my friend even less. We've definitely made a lot more in other yard sales in the past. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

On a brigher note though, there was a guy with a
hermit crab. His name is "Kermit" (not the guy, the crab.). This guy is absolutely thrilled with his new hermit crab and his future plans for it involve teaching it how to skateboard.

Check out my groovy shell!

I am SO going to pinch you!

I have this big, heavy iron snail garden lantern that's been on the floor of my living room for the past 3 years. I do like it, but it seems out of place, so I decided to put it in our big yard sale last Sunday. It didn't sell, but that's not what this story is about. During the yard sale, I mentioned something about the big iron snail to my friend L. I was joking about the possibility of the name "Iron Snail" being the name of some heavy metal music band, and how it would be a really cool band name.

Well this morning, I remembered our conversation and just for the hell of it, I queried Google with the name "Iron Snail". Much to my surprise, there is a recently discovered creature in the deep ocean that is a real iron snail. Check out this link, there's a photo of the iron snail as well. How cool is that? I know, I'm a geek. But that's the first animal I've ever heard of that has metal armor plating.