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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Did you know that every time I go into Downtown Vancouver, I see something crazy happening? Well Saturday afternoon was no exception:

No need to adjust your monitor, those really are naked people on their bikes!

I don't know why either, but here's what happened:
I was standing in my favorite photography store, Dunne and Rundle Photo Source on Granville St., and, I think I was reading a magazine or something, when I heard someone say, "Hey! There's a bunch of naked people riding their bikes down Granville Street!"

So I grabbed my camera out of my bag and ran outside just in time to catch the action! It was pretty funny, because these people must have been quite cold! It was raining all that afternoon, and it was only about 15 degrees Celcius.

Here's some more:

It was my Nephew R.'s Birthday (He's 29) on Saturday, so after I came home from Vancouver, I drove out to his place and a bunch of us went for sushi to celebrate.

I had to stay overnight at R.'s place because my headlights on my stupid piece of crap car are not working, so I can't drive at night. In the morning we went out for breakfast at White Spot. I love having breakfast there, they have really good food on the menu! I shot a picture of R. with just natural light coming in from the window:

And here's on he shot of me ( I thing I look a little evil here, but I'm actually smiling behind my hands. Don't worry; no evil here:

That's all for now. I gotta go to bed. Work tomorrow (where does the time go?).