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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Words cannot express how saddened I am by discovering that my lovely geese have been culled.

I visited the lake last weekend and I was eager to take some more photos of them, but I found none. Not one Canada goose was to be seen. I thought it was really unusual, because at any given time there are at least 2 or 3 families of them around. I suspected something like this had happened, and yesterday at work, I asked one of my fellow employees (who does work with some government environmental agencies as a student) and he confirmed that one of the wildlife management agencies had just recently initiated a culling program. I don't know exactly which agency is responsible as of yet. I'm in the process of finding out.

For nearly three years, I have been photographing and documenting the lives of these noble and beautiful birds. I felt a great sense of peace when I was with them, as I would crouch down and sit with them, often quietly surrounded by them, as they watched me photograph them in curiosity. I saw most of them grow up from newly hatched goslings.

Not once have these birds offended me in anyway. They are beautiful, gentle and intelligent creatures, with a social community structure not unlike our own.

My battle over this situation is just beginning, as I'm gathering up resources and investigating to find out exactly who is responsible for making this terrible judgment call against the Canada geese.

I don't know if I can even go there now and look at another goose without feeling terrible--feeling guilty for what my own species has done. How can they ever trust humans? I will miss them a great deal.