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Monday, October 11, 2004

More photos from 2 weeks ago...

Here's some more photos of birds in the early morning:

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sting with Annie Lennox!

Last night was definitely one of the high points of my life. I went to the Sting Sacred Love Tour with Annie Lennox at GM Place with my best friend L. It was outstanding to say the least! Both Annie Lennox and Sting have incredible voices and they are both extremely talented musicians. I've always loved Sting's music as well as Annie Lennox, but I've never seen them live. We had excellent seats, so I was totally blown away. I so much wished I was permitted to bring my camera with me, because I could have shot some awesome photos from where we were sitting.

The stage set was really cool. Sting had these huge LCD screens behind him that were about 16 feet tall and about 6 feet wide. I've never seen such big LCD screens! There were three tall ones, and two smaller square ones that moved up and down. While he was singing, all kinds of cool visual media clips were playing on the LCDs. The lighting and sound were superb!

Annie Lennox is such a beautiful woman. She's very tall (I hadn't realized just how tall she was, because this was the first time I'd seen her perform live). My friend L. described her as a 'giant praying mantis woman'. LOL!

When she and her band performed "Walking on Broken Glass", it sounded so cool!! One of the things I noticed (being an old keyboard player myself) was that the keyboards were the original old keyboards from back in the day. I've kinda missed hearing the synthesizer sound in today's music. (Although one could argue that it may have been used a little too much by some 80's bands).

Annie can really dance and move! She's full of energy. Sting was also amazingly energetic, as he did at least 7 or 8 songs in a row before stopping even for a minute! They both had awesome backup singers as well.

After a tough week, especially for L, it was a wonderful treat.