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Friday, September 12, 2003

I went for a good bike ride this afternoon. If anything I pushed it a little. I'm rather tired of not feeling very well, and so in defiance I got on the bike and rode for about an hour or so. It's been a frustrating week, because I'm still not feeling 100%. I keep getting this vertigo feeling here and there throughout the day. I went to the doctor yesterday and he thinks I might have an inner ear infection, but he's not sure. He gave me a perscription for vertigo.

So I've actually missed a whole week of work.

Tomorrow I'm participating in a big parking lot sale. The city is opening one of the parking lots at a rec. Center and people can come and park their cars and sell stuff out of their trunk. There will be hundreds of people there. It should be interesting. Tonight I have to get organized. I'm selling a bunch of my friend L.'s stuff too.

Have a good weekend.


Tuesday, September 09, 2003

I woke up this morning thinking I maybe should have gone to work, but I'm glad I didn't go. Later in the day I was stuck by the same ugly dizzy feeling I've been having for the past few days. I get a headache with it and sometimes nausia too. I don't like it. I hope that tomorrow morning I will feel well enough to go to work. I guess I must have some kind of bug. There is something going around right now as several people have been off work in the past few weeks.

So I had a somewhat busy day today anyway. I went to the mall to get some groceries, picked up some prints from Black's and forgot to get cat litter at Wall Mart, so I had to drive back to the mall later in the afternoon.

I also listed some items on Ebay--something I haven't done in a while--and I scheduled them to start on the weekend. I have a lot of stuff that needs to go on Ebay.

Well, I better go get some sleep now.


Monday, September 08, 2003

I stayed home from work today, still not feeling well. I must have some kind of bug I guess. It's a drag. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

I got email from my lovely J.S. from Ontario this morning and that made my whole day, as well as email from her friend S. who sent me some more great photos! Thank you both! ;-)

Here's some photos from today with the webcam.

Here's some from the car show on the weekend and one of me from Steveston. My friend A. took that one while I was shooting some cow pictures with the medium format camera.


Sunday, September 07, 2003

I'm at a friend's place right now and I just noticed that none of my images are showing up in my journal here. It's not your computer, it's the image host Village Photos that's been up and down a lot lately. It bugs me because it's a service that I pay for. Usually they are very good, but I guess because of the upgrading they've been doing they've had quite a few problems lately.

I still fill a little ill today. Last night I was feeling pretty sick. I don't know what I ate that made me ill. Today I'll just have to take it easy and eat simple food.

OK, I'm off.