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Saturday, August 30, 2003

I've just noticed that some of my archive indices don't seem to work If you're looking back at the old archived pages and it doesn't work, try another one. Hopefully this is just a temporary problem. I've updated my email like as well with my new email address.
Here's me working on the computer.

Looks like I need a shave. I've been lazy; it's the weekend.

I went to a few yard sales today. There wasn't as many cool things this time, last week was better. I did however find a pentium 150 computer with a keyboard, mouse and a monitor for only $15.00! I set it all up and it works, but the monitor isn't working properly. It's still a good deal though. I might sell it to my landlord. She's still using an old X86 from about 1987. This would be a big step up for her.

I got some more pictures of my lovely J.S. from Ontario in my email today! I love it! Her friend S. is really getting into photography and lately I've been reaping all the benefits of it! Keep up the good work there S.! You're great!

Tomorrow I'm going to Steveston to do some photography with my friend A. I haven't gone on any photography trips with him in a long time. Steveston is full of great photo opportunites. There's large fields of grass there, mountains, cows and the ocean too. I'm also going to endulge in some of their famous Fish 'n Chips! (I love fish and chips).

Yay! It's saturday again, and it's the long weekend.

I'm off to check out some more yard sales today, then I'm heading into the city (Vancouver) to pick up some tickets that I won on the radio for the Radiohead Laser Lightshow at the vancouver planetarium. That should be a blast!

See ya later

Friday, August 29, 2003

It's a long weekend coming up for we Canadians. It's Labor Day. I'm working on Friday, but there won't be many others at work as most of my fellow employee are taking a holiday on Friday. I'm going to be almost alone at work. should be strange.

My friends from Summerland stayed overnight last night. It was a good evening. We went out for dinner and then watched the movie "Bowling for columbine" afterwards. That movie is quite an eye opener to say the least.

At work yesterday, we had to do an aerial rescue session. We're supposed to have one every month because tree climbing is a large part of our job (I'm not alowed to climb trees anymore because of my knees problem). I took a lot of shots of the guys rescuing a big dummy from a tree. I'll post some of the pictures later.

The highspeed internet connection is working great. It's super fast and I like it!

Well, I gotta go to bed now.


Sunday, August 24, 2003

Hey, guess what?

I finally got Highspeed Cable Internet! YAY!!!

I love it already! Now I can upload images much more easily and faster. Here's a shot of me taken from a little Intel Webcam. I sold my good webcam (a 3Comm Homeconnect) about a year ago because I no longer needed it. My landlord gave me this little intel one a few months ago. The image quality isn't that great, but now it's easy to post live images.

I have some friends from Summerland BC coming on Wednesday to stay here for a couple days. That should be fun. It's my friend D. and his wife J. (not my sexy, lovely J.S. from Ontario--hee hee! I sure know a lot of 'J's it seems.) I haven't seen them in a while. Maybe I'll post some pictures of there here later in the week.

I'm worried about the B.C. interior, as there are major forest fires everywhere there. I grew up in Summerland and it's a beautiful place with a lot of forest. There's a huge fire in Kelowna right now which is just 1/2 hour drive north of summerland. The need rain in the interior really badly. For those of you how don't know it yet, I live on the west coast of B.C. the interior is about a 3 to 4 hour drive from here. (3 or less if you are J.S. ;-))

Ok, I gotta go get some cleaning stuff at the mall now.

Dinner tonight with my best friend L.


Today (saturday) was a good day. I started off the morning by getting up early and going to a few yard sales. There wasn't too much stuff this time, but I did manage to pick up an abdominal roller (I'll post a picture later) for only 10.00! It's in excellent shape too, unlike my abdominals, so I'm going to start using this this every day and see what happens.

I also picked up to barbies for my best friend L. She was very happy. She has a fine collection of dolls.

After the yard sales, I drove into town and met up with my friend J. (The photojournalist, not the lovely and sexy J.S. of Ontario). I showed him my recently aquired cameras and we had coffee at 5 senses. (The bakery in the hotel Georgia).

UUhg, I'm starting to get the nods, so I'll finish this tomorrow ....