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Saturday, May 24, 2003

It's Saturday morning and I'm headed into Vancouver with my friend A. to do some casual photography (street photography). It's cloudy today and very warm and humid outside. I'm not sure how the weather will behave today.

It's going to be a busy weekend on Ebay. I have several items I'm going to sell. Mostly computer parts and also one of my camera lenses.

Back later...


Thursday, May 22, 2003

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Ah ha! I've fixed the problem with the CD/RW! Now it's back on line again. It's a very important tool for me because I make backup copies of all the important photography assigments I do. Now I just have to get photoshop working again and things will return to normal.

My parents are coming tomorrow morning. My mom wants to go to Ikea (I live about 2 miles from a new Ikea store) and she wants me to come along. My place is a little messy and I know I'm going to be ridiculed for it, but what can I do. I've been too busy to clean up lately.

Here it is 12:11 am and I'm not even sleepy again. When I work on computers (or photography) my mind goes a million miles and hour it seems and it's difficult to wind down after. I think it's going to be a late bed time again tonight. I just hope my parents don't show up too early.


Monday, May 19, 2003

Yes, Win XP has been a real treat--NOT! I still haven't recovered my email address files, every folder that was on my desktop is wiped out (exept the folder names, for some reason they remained intact?) including all my mp3 files. I've had those mp3 files for years and I was quite happy with my collection. Now gone. My CD burner isn't functioning, my DVD player's software doesn't work anymore and every time I try it, I get an error message and a request to send some information to Microsoft about the incident. The hadrware in my computer should be able to perform like a race horse (it's an Intel P4 2.4GHZ CPU with 512Mb of RAM, yet it all seems to be impeded by the operating system.

Thanks Microsoft, but no thanks. My next computer will be an Apple Mac.

In the mean time I'm temped to put Linux on this machine--and I would if I didn't need to use Photoshop and many other popular graphic design programs.

But enough of my bitching (for now). Today was a nice sunny day, and so I went for a bike ride. I've been staying up late (lately) and getting up late. It kinda screws me up because the day seems really short when I do that. I watched a really funny movie last night. It was the craziest stuff I've ever seen. It's called "Jackass. The movie." It's about this team of guys who do all these totally insane things in puplic. They rent cars and play 'rental-car-smash-up-derby' and then return the car to the rental agency, they shock themselves with electrical probes, they annoy people at golf courses with air horns and numerous other wacky stuff. I laughed my guts out.

I must make some effort to get to the gym this week a few times. I've spiraling further into geekdom after the past week of computer building. That can't happen.

It may be a couple of days before I can post any of my new photos on here, since my photo editing software is down. Stay in touch though, because I'll be posting them soon.

Bye for now.