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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Today's little creatures at the feeder

The weather was nice today. It was sunny, and warm enough to start melting the snow. There were several different animals at the feeder today, including this pretty little fellow; a Male Western Rufous-sided Towhee:

They're really interesting birds to watch. They like to feed on the ground, and they kick up leaves and things with their feet. Just like chickens do. (Not for eating, Bingo!)

Here he is, making his calling sound. It's like a soft, "eeeeeeee" that ends with a question mark. Hard to explain, you'd have to hear it.

Here he is taking flight:

Of course Mr. Squirrel was there too. He's really enjoying the mixed seeds.

There has also been a male and female Varied Thrush eating here at the feeder. I would love to get a good photo of either of them, but they are very shy and elusive. I'll keep trying though, maybe I'll get lucky.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My TV Died

It actually happened about a month ago, but I only got around to throwing it out to the dumpster today. For the past year or so, it had a funny green bar at the top of the screen when it was on. After a while I didn't really notice it anymore; until a few weeks ago, when I turned it on. It let out a loud shrieking noise, then the green bar on the top of the screen moved to the middle of the screen. The shrieking sound intensified for a moment and then the green bar became a thin,(but extremely bright) green line. Then it went out, and that was the end.

Poor TV. I bought it way back when I first moved to Vancouver. That thing lasted a long time considering all that it has been through. Now it's in TV heaven. Darn thing was expensive too.

September 1991
to December 2004

Monday, January 10, 2005

Today's Chickadees

I bought a bird feeder on the weekend, and I set it up yesterday. Today there were some nice chickadees feeding from it. I love watching birds. Here's some shots from the feeder today: