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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Yay! I'm on vacation again! This is the final vacation of the year for me. I haven't planned next years vacation yet though because I always like to know what's going to be happening with friends first so I can plan accordingly.

Yeasterday it rained like crazy and they gave me a really crappy job to do. It involved pushing wheelbarrows full of one gallon potted plants up hills, through creek beds, down steep muddy slopes and over little silly planks. Bloody hell. But yeah, I'm glad that's over with (for the next week anyway).

Today it's a beautiful day outstide, sunny and warm. I kinda slept in this morning though, so I'm a little late getting my day started. My kitties were out of their regular crunchy kitty food (because I forgot to buy some last night) and so this morning they wouldn't shut up about it. I temporarily redeemed myself by giving them a can of tuna (They go crazy for that stuff). That will hold them until I get to Safeway this afternoon.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Oops, it's been a while since I updated my journal again.

To be honest, the past week or so has been weird--or I just felt weird, but I'm pretty sure my planets are exactly lining up lately. I've been tired, and especially tired of my work place (forestry). Last week I felt like there was this burning in my chest, this anxiety that I just couldn't seem to shake. I was off work all week last week because my knees were really starting to bother me again. So I don't know, maybe I felt guilty or something for not being there, or maybe I was just feeling bad about myself. All I know for sure is that I'm getting very tired of that place in a hurry.

Last week I did manage to do some things that made me happy though--it wasn't all bad. I had some nice photographic prints made for my best friend L. for her Christmas presents. I think she'll like them, they're big 11x14 black and whites of some Calla Lilies that I took photos of last summer.

It snowed here a little bit last night, but it melted by about noon. I'm actually looking forward to seeing some nice, fluffy snow. I'd really like to get some nice show photos this year or early next year. A few years ago I was in Summerland and it was late winter (I think it was about February) and I was driving around looking for some scenery to take photos of. (Back then I had this great old camera from 1972 called a Canon EF. She was a beauty, completely mechanical.) But the weather was dark and grey and it was well below freezing outside, so I couldn't find anything all that interesting. Then suddenly as I drove by this old orchard, I spotted something really cool! It was a few frozen Golden Delicious apples that were still hanging on the tree. I don't now how they managed to stay there as all the leaves on all the trees were long gone.

So I was awestruck by the vibrant yellow of the frozen apples, especially with the dark greyish blue contrast in the background, and I quickly parked the car and shot off some photos. Looking back now, I wish I'd shot some more variations of the same image, but I only shot two. Here's my favourite one:

So I'd love to see something like that again and of course shoot lot of pictures of it next time.

My high speed cable has been screwed up past the past few days. It drove me crazy because I couldn't check my email, and I'd just sold some things on Ebay on the weekend, so I needed to contact the buyers. Today it's finally working again, but it's been really unreliable. I'm thankful it's working for the moment though, because the service technician can't even make it here until December the 1st to fix the problem. Bloody hell.

Well, that's all for tonight.

Back soon! Ciao!