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Friday, May 02, 2003

Ok, everything's pretty much back to normal now. That's good. I just had a bit of a rough week.

The beautiful weather has continued here in Vancouver. We've been very fortunate lately. Tomorrow there is this huge anti pot legislation rally in down town Vanoucver at the Vancouver Art Gallery. I intend to be there to get some photographs of the event. I don't smoke pot, but I don't really care if anyone else does either, just the journalistic side of me knows there's going to be some good photo opportunities there. I'll post the shots here.

I went out for a good bike ride again this afternoon with my best friend L. I was pretty tired after, it was a long one. I love it though, it keeps me healthy.

I've taken quite a few photos over the past few days. I'm just in the process of sorting through them all. I'll post my favorites here soon.


Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Today was another beautiful day, but I can't say I've had a great day. I've been recovering from a very nasty migraine headache that began late last night. It's been quite bad. All I can do is just wait for it's symptoms to pass. I missed a big auction I was planning on going to tonight too. I just dont' think I could have listened to a bunch of numbers being shouted out without my head splitting.

I've got to get off the computer too. My monitor glare is irritating my head as well.

Ok then, I'm sure I'll be feeling better soon. I'll be back then.

Bye for now.

Today was a beautiful day! I went for a good bike ride this afternoon up in the hills near my house. I had every intention of going to the gym afterwards, but I forgot my bike lock at home, so I had to go back for it.

By the time I got home I was feeling rather hungry, so I ate lunch. Then I sat on the chase lounge with Sarah my cat and watched some TV.

I fell asleep.

I guess I was too comfortable. After that nice nap, there was no way I'd be going to the gym. That would have been impossible. So I really must go tomorrow morning some time so I can catch up with my routine.

My nephew R. sent me his own rendition of one of my Beaker photos from yesterday. It's hillarious!

Here's some more photos from today:

The huge mountain you can see behind those buildings is Mount Baker in Washington USA. It's actually a volcano and it's absolutely huge! It has snow on it all year round.

This is a new movie studio near my home. There are several of these here now.


Monday, April 28, 2003

Remember Beaker?

I used to love the Muppets! Kermit was my favorite, but I really liked Beaker too. Well this afternoon I was getting a cup of tea at $tarbuck$ when I noticesd they had several little Muppets toys on candy cane sticks... I couldn't resist; I had to have Beaker--And I'll probably be getting the others too. Am I suddenly re-living my childhood? What's my deal? I admit it...I still love toys.

So I was sitting here editing some photos on the computer this evening and I noticed Beaker sitting there where I'd left him on my desk. Then, just for fun I took a snap shot of him with the Canon G2. I liked how it looked, with his shadow on the wall and the shot angle from slightly below his chin. Then I though, "Hmmm, I wonder what he'd look like with some nice studio lighting?" So I took him over to the portable photography set I have and set him up with a nice blue backdrop, an off camera flashhead and a softbox.

I think he looks pretty sharp with his lab coat and tie on, and his facial expressions are hilarious. Simply by changing the angle of his body or turning his head slightly, I got a new expression every time. Who woulda thougth I'd have this much fun with a toy that was only $3.99?

Now I can't wait to get Kermit. I'll keep you posted.

Have a good day, and try to have some fun!