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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Hey, I went to the gym today after work!

It might not seem like a very big deal, but it's the first time in a long, long time and I really need to be consistent with it. Luckily I went at a good time and it was relatively empty. There were about 5 or six other guys in there and one woman.

Yesterday I brought the digital camera to work. I haven't shot any infrared shots in a long time and I noticed that I'd left my infrared filter in my backpack. I rarely carry that filter around with me, and so I must have left it in the backpack a few weeks ago and forgotten about it. So because it was suddenly available I decided to use it for a few shots at work.

The first photo is shot of an urban neighborhood where I was working on some trees. I really like the way clouds look in infrared which is why I like this picture. There's lens flare from the sun in the image, but I kinda like it there.

These next photos are of one of the trucks we use at work. It's dumping a load of wood chips. I shot the image at about 1/8th of a second which is the reason for the motion blur of the truck.

I think I'm going to go downtown this Saturday instead of doing the garage sales. I haven't dropped off my film yet from a few weeks ago when I brought the medium format to Steveston and I'm really wanting to see the results.

I'm considering going out to Tim Horton's right now for doughnuts and a submarine sandwich for my lunch at work tomorrow. Hmmm. I would like some timbits right now.


Sunday, September 14, 2003

The big parkinglot sale was a huge success! I sold lots of items and there were a few thousand people that came through there. My best friend L. was really happy because I sold a lot of her stuff too.

Most of the people there were pretty friendly. I parked beside an older gentleman and it turns out he was somewhat interested in photography and so we ended up chatting for a while. It made the time go by faster. I bought some nice German stoneware mugs from him that are very nice. They have "Lufthansa" printed on them. I'm not sure if they're coffee cups or beer mugs. They look rather small to be beer mugs. I'm using one right now to drink tea.

I'm feeling a lot better now. I took the whole week off and I'm not feeling dizzy anymore. Maybe a little here and there, but nothing like it was earlier in the week. I'll be going back to work tomorrow.

I think this weekend went by a little too fast. I've been very busy all weekend. I can't be too greedy though, I did have a week away from work. Just wish I'd felt better but then I guess it would actually be 'skipping work' wouldn't it.

I took lots of pictures at the parking lot sale. I met a really pretty bird there named "Thumper". He was great because he could talk and he learned how to repeat things you said to him very quickly. He's a white Moluccan Cockatoo Cacatua moluccensis. Thumper really enjoyed looking at my camera. His owner said he likes to hear the shutter sound cameras make. My digital camera has no shutter sound, so I turned on the artificial shutter noise for him. He loved it! Almost instantly he began to mimmic the sound of the shutter. It's amazing. He's missing some feathers on his chest because he has a habbit of pulling them out his owner said. Other than that, he's still a lovely bird.

Ok, I'm off to bed now. Here's some photos from the weekend. Click on the image if you want to see a large size.


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