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Sunday, September 21, 2003

It's been a good weekend. I went to some yardsales on Saturday morning and brought timbits and coffee for coffee break with my best friend L. after I was done with the 'yardsaling'. I really enjoy my Saturday mornings. Soon it will get cold though and the number of yardsales will diminish. At that point I'll begin looking for other things; like auctions.

Lots of my items sold on Ebay this weekend and that makes me very happy. I have a lot more items that I'm going to list there today. If you want to see my Ebay items that I'm selling you can click here, or you can click the link "My Ebay Sales" in the frame on the left.

Last night I went for dinner with my best friend L. and her friend J., who is visiting from New Brunswick)

We went to the Boat House restaurant in New Westminster which is about a 20 minute drive from my home. I had a nice wild salmon dish called 'Cedar Plate Slamon' with veggies and potatoes. The salmon was grilled with a maple flavour and local friut chutney on the side. Very yummy.

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