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Wednesday, September 24, 2003

What a weird night it's been. I should be in bed right now, but I'm wide awake. It all happened like this:

After work I had every intention of going to the gym. I drove home, sat at the computer, had a bowl of soup with some toast, and checked my email. I was actually feeling very tired at that point and so for some silly reason I decided to take a very short nap. Well, that 'short' nap lasted from 5:00pm to 11:30pm. I should know by now that my body almost always lies to my brain when it is requesting a 'short nap'.

So here I am wide awake. What can I do?

Last night I watched the first episode of Angel season 2 on DVD with my friend L. It was great! We've both been waiting for months for the DVD set to come out, because neither of us have seen Angel season 2 yet. I know. I'm a geek.

My boss at work has organized a big 10Km run for this coming Sunday (Sept. 28) and I volunteered to take photos. I think about 30 people are going in the run. It's to raise money for trees for schools. In the past we would occasionally conduct a tree planting and education seminar for children at elementary schools, but our funding was cut, so my boss I trying to find other ways to raise funds. Depending on the weather, it should be a good photo oportunity.

I miss my lovely J.S. from Ontario.

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