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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Hey, I went to the gym today after work!

It might not seem like a very big deal, but it's the first time in a long, long time and I really need to be consistent with it. Luckily I went at a good time and it was relatively empty. There were about 5 or six other guys in there and one woman.

Yesterday I brought the digital camera to work. I haven't shot any infrared shots in a long time and I noticed that I'd left my infrared filter in my backpack. I rarely carry that filter around with me, and so I must have left it in the backpack a few weeks ago and forgotten about it. So because it was suddenly available I decided to use it for a few shots at work.

The first photo is shot of an urban neighborhood where I was working on some trees. I really like the way clouds look in infrared which is why I like this picture. There's lens flare from the sun in the image, but I kinda like it there.

These next photos are of one of the trucks we use at work. It's dumping a load of wood chips. I shot the image at about 1/8th of a second which is the reason for the motion blur of the truck.

I think I'm going to go downtown this Saturday instead of doing the garage sales. I haven't dropped off my film yet from a few weeks ago when I brought the medium format to Steveston and I'm really wanting to see the results.

I'm considering going out to Tim Horton's right now for doughnuts and a submarine sandwich for my lunch at work tomorrow. Hmmm. I would like some timbits right now.