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Thursday, April 17, 2003

Hey, It's the Buffy and Angel bus!!!

I saw this down town last weekend and I had to get a photo of it for my friend L.

I went to physiotherapy again this morning. I usually go there every Friday morning, but I went today because it's Good Friday tomorrow and I think everything is closed.

This time I brought the Canon G2 with me and got a few shots of the devices the physiotherapist uses on me (I know, I'm such a geek). First he hooks me up to this device that looks like a Walkman, only it's much more dangerous. It pumps out a huge amount of voltage (I'd hate to be the poor person who mixes the two up some day). The said device (I call it the Sony Shockman) has two rubber pads that make contact with the muscles in my legs and when he turns up the voltage my muscles flex--just like at the gym--enough to promote muscle recovery and growth. I like it, but it hurts a little too.

I go to physio because last year I developed a type of arthritis in my knees. It got so bad that sometimes I couldn't walk. I've come a long way since then, now my legs are strong again, a factor of the specialized exercises I've had to do in physiotherapy. As long as I continue to exercise from now on I'll be fine.

After physio I usually go to this little restaurant in Port Moody for breakfast. This is the owner P. She's really funny and she's very kind. She's always helping people.

P really likes taking pictures too. I've seen a lot of them and some of them are pretty amazing. She likes rainbows a lot.

I think tonight I'm going to get busy and get some more items ready for Ebay this weekend.

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