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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Here's me working on the computer.

Looks like I need a shave. I've been lazy; it's the weekend.

I went to a few yard sales today. There wasn't as many cool things this time, last week was better. I did however find a pentium 150 computer with a keyboard, mouse and a monitor for only $15.00! I set it all up and it works, but the monitor isn't working properly. It's still a good deal though. I might sell it to my landlord. She's still using an old X86 from about 1987. This would be a big step up for her.

I got some more pictures of my lovely J.S. from Ontario in my email today! I love it! Her friend S. is really getting into photography and lately I've been reaping all the benefits of it! Keep up the good work there S.! You're great!

Tomorrow I'm going to Steveston to do some photography with my friend A. I haven't gone on any photography trips with him in a long time. Steveston is full of great photo opportunites. There's large fields of grass there, mountains, cows and the ocean too. I'm also going to endulge in some of their famous Fish 'n Chips! (I love fish and chips).

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