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Sunday, August 24, 2003

Hey, guess what?

I finally got Highspeed Cable Internet! YAY!!!

I love it already! Now I can upload images much more easily and faster. Here's a shot of me taken from a little Intel Webcam. I sold my good webcam (a 3Comm Homeconnect) about a year ago because I no longer needed it. My landlord gave me this little intel one a few months ago. The image quality isn't that great, but now it's easy to post live images.

I have some friends from Summerland BC coming on Wednesday to stay here for a couple days. That should be fun. It's my friend D. and his wife J. (not my sexy, lovely J.S. from Ontario--hee hee! I sure know a lot of 'J's it seems.) I haven't seen them in a while. Maybe I'll post some pictures of there here later in the week.

I'm worried about the B.C. interior, as there are major forest fires everywhere there. I grew up in Summerland and it's a beautiful place with a lot of forest. There's a huge fire in Kelowna right now which is just 1/2 hour drive north of summerland. The need rain in the interior really badly. For those of you how don't know it yet, I live on the west coast of B.C. the interior is about a 3 to 4 hour drive from here. (3 or less if you are J.S. ;-))

Ok, I gotta go get some cleaning stuff at the mall now.

Dinner tonight with my best friend L.


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