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Friday, April 25, 2003


Today I feel like I've been hit by a bus!

I'm rather sore after all those exercises yesterday. I didn't actually think I'd be this sore though, I mean I do go to the gym and exercise. I guess yesterday's routine was harder than it seemed.

This morning I went to my regular Friday physiotherapy session in Port Moody. I was a little tired and sore of course, but it was ok.

I had my camera with me today and I took some shots of myself at the physiotherapy clinic again. This time I'm on the skiing machine (called the Fitter). It's probably my favorite exercise I think. It's a lot like downhill skiing--the old style with two skis, not a snowboard--and it actually moves in all the same ways skis do.

Afterwards I went for breakfast again at my friend P,'s Restaurant. I don't think I was in a very good mood though. I was happy, but just a little tired so I didn't do very much talking--actually there were two little kids who did enough talking for about 10 people. Kids are so loud. I think they do that because they want to be heard above all else, or they just like being loud--one or the other--I don't know, I'm not a child psychologist.

Where was I going with this?--Oh yeah,

There was this little old lady in the restaurant who just wanted to sit and relax but the poor old dear was sitting right next to the table with the super noise making kids. She was getting pretty frustrated. She didn't say anything to the kids, but she did mention to my friend P. that she would like them to shut up. Heehee! Poor old thing.

Here's the little old dear after having forgotten her purse on the table.

Here she is receiving her purse from P. who quickly retrieved it from the table. She was very relieved that it was still there.

Finally the noise makers left, and by that time I too had a headache. So everyone was at peace for about 2 minutes, when these other two ladies started talking really loud. What was it, was everyone deaf today? Or did my hearing just happen to go all Superman on me.

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