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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Here's my friend Rino on the keyboards. He sounds really good. That's Rex the drummer sitting beside Rino. This guy is an amazing drummer. He makes one drum kit sound like several.

This is Vince playing the lead guitar. He sounds a lot like Stevie Ray Vaughan. He's a great guitarist and he sings too.

Here's a closeup of Rex's drum kit.

Here's the whole band. That's Joni on bass. She's the song writer and singer of the group. Very talented woman.

Here's a closeup of Vince again.It's a really nice guitar--an Ovation accustic/electric.

And this is me fooling around on Joni's bass guitar. I don't play bass. I play a little piano, but not like these guys.

So yeah, it was a fun evening. I took a lot of photos with the G2 and about a roll with the film camera.

I'm off to bed now.


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