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Monday, April 07, 2003

Hi. Welcome to my new Blog.

Last year about this time, I created a Blog site called "Life after Work". At that time I had two jobs and not a lot of spare time, so I was finding it difficult to keep up with the updates. I kinda had to let it go, even though I really enjoyed it.

Things are much different now. I have more time on my hands and I don't have the second job anymore, so I really want to put some effort into this one.

I think the thing that rekindled my interest was a website I found last night while I was looking for information on how to us a Canon G2 for infrared photography. It's this person 8pril. She has a website in which she talks about her day to day life in her journal and she posts photos of interesting things she encounters with her digital camera.

Sure, there's nothing new about that, many people have on-line journals and post images. But I realized that I should be doing this!. I was doing it to a certain extent last year, but since I had only a film camera, it wasn't very feasible. I had to process my photos and then scan them into the computer, further alter and touch them up with photoshop and then upload them to post to the blog. Well now I have a nice Canon G2 digital camera and so I can really get out there and have fun without having to worry about film costs and processing.

I think I have to find an image hosting company first though before I can post a lot of photos. I'll have to do some research and find a good one. Lately I've been using MSN communities to host my images (mostly for my auctions on Ebay) but MSN limits you to only 3 megs of space. That's not nearly enough for me.

Ok, enough of my chatting for now, I'm gonna work on developing this site.

See ya Later,


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