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Thursday, April 10, 2003

Ah good! I went to the gym. It wasn't the best workout, but it'll do me until the next one. I really don't like working out at night when the gym is crowded. I'd much rather go in the morning. I usually have more energy to burn in the morning anyway.


Frankly, I don't like the gym at all. I'd way rather work out at home, but I don't have the necessary equipment or space right now. I'm the kind of guy who like to exercise in the great outdoors where there's no traffic and plenty of fresh air.

Now I'm cooking my dinner. It's fish with bok choy, bean sprouts, zuchinni and rice. I love fish and I eat almost every day.

Wow! When I was tying this a HUGE hellicopter flew right over head and it was freakin' loud!!! The cats freaked! I wonder what that was about? I looked outside, but it was already gone. Freaky!

Ok, gonna eat dinner now.


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