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Saturday, February 12, 2005


Wendi said...


I was going to be a wise ass and ask if you had a "special" camera that took absolutly gorgous pictures, but figured I would behave :)

One thing I would like to ask is, who do you use to host you pictures? I am currently using Hello, but looking for something different.

J.P. said...

How large is that second photo? Large enough for, say, um... my desktop?

If you feel like sharing it, I'd love to have it on my desktop and promise not to print it and sell thousands of copies... honest!

If you want to share it, please feel free to email me at Thanks!

Not to bring it down a notch in its artistry, but it would make an excellent jigsaw puzzle.

zbjernak said...

wow....wonderful shots of those birds...

you must have waited very long for each shot....especially those taking off

watson said...

wow, you must have steady hands to be able to catch these wonderful shots of birds in flight!