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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Chinese New Year Parade!

Last Sunday I met up with Bingo and Betty early in the morning, for the Chinese New Year parade in Vancouver's China Town. This is one of my favorite events of the year. It's the most colorful parade I can think of, and I love the dragons and costumes. There's drums and firecrackers going off everywhere.

I've got lots of photos to post, so stay tuned, I'll be adding more soon!

May I try it?

I love the dragons!

Check out the size of the beard on this guy!


bingo and betty said...

Excellent shot 'again!' Mark, and the people we met there, that was a bonus! Kind of funny how that day rolled out.

Mark said...

Yup, there sure was some interesting people there! All part of the fun! That German speaking lady that kept talking to Betty was hilarious! Especially when I told her "Ich spreche nicht Deutsches". I don't think she believed me.

bingo and betty said... you were at the same parade i was and for the same amount time and you got TWO!!! pictures!!!!!! next time i see you i'm going to give a pencil and a pad of paper.....TWO pictures!!!!

Mark said...

Hahaha! Fear not Bingo, for those are just the intro pictures. There's more coming.

Wendi said...

These are great!!! The girls keep making me show them agian and agian, they love the colors.

Ok, now, that guy with the shaggy beard, I am thinking although he had his camoflauge jacket on, he probably didnt blend in very well.

Ok, and now, those guys or girls with the makeup on they are in the same boat as the elephant goose....scarey!!!!!!!!!!!!!

K Murphy J said...

These are most gorgeous. The colors and masks. A sensory delight!

Mark said...

Thank you! :)

celikins said...

WOW, these are great pictures. I love the close up mask shots. These pictures really make me wish I would have ben there.

Meg said...

Beautiful! Look at all of the colors and the life in those pictures!