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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Snow at the Lake

We got snow! I'd be even more excited about it if I hadn't spent the last two days shovelling it at work. Our department is in charge of snow removal from all the important public areas, like the Library. So I'm feeling a little beaten up, but it'll pass.

But it's Saturday, so I'm free today. I went over to Burnaby Lake to take some snow shots. Here's one of my favorites from today:

That bird on top of the bird house is a Female Belted Kingfisher. She's beautiful. I wish I could have gotten closer to get a good shot of her, but my original intention for this shot was just the bird houses with snow on them.


K Murphy J said...

You know, you probably have enough to do a "four seasons" series of these birdhouses. Another great capture!

Mark said...

Thanks K!

That's an interesting idea, all four seasons of the bird houses. I made a calendar from shots that I took last year and I gave them to friends and family at Christmas time. Perhaps I'll do one about bird houses, for the bird watching enthusiasts.

Thanks for continuing to visit my blog!


-Mark Klotz

Wendi said...

What a beautiful bird!! Once again Vancouver wins out over Boston. We only have pigeons and seagulls. I do however get the occational Cardinal at the feeder.
Talk to you soon :)

Until then.....


bingo and betty said...

Hey Lad another great couple of pictures...seems like all the pictures your taking I want to eat! Forget the calendar and do a cookbook. peace out.

Milan said...

Lovely pictures indeed. The level of resolution of your camera is amazing, it seems almost too good to be digital. Over 8 megapixels? Regards.

Mark said...

Thanks. Yes, I do appreciate my camera. It is a Canon EOS 20D. The image resolution is 8.2 megapixels. But it doesn't take any pictures--it's me who does that. ;)