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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The 85th Annual Vancouver Polar Bear Swim 2005

Here they are, the photos from the Polar Bear Swim. It was really fun to watch. These people must be insane!

While the crowd was getting ready to charge, a few celebrities showed up. That's Sponge Bob, and I think the other guy is Shazam or Captain America. I'm not sure:

Some penguins lined up for photos:

And there was a gladiator as well:

There was at least one human pyramid going on:

The first people to jump in (aside from some guy who just couldn't wait any longer and crawled under the tape) were some Vancouver City Police officers:

Then Santa (or nearly Santa) went for it:

Some of the people anxiously awaiting the icy, cold water plunge:

And then finally, the crowd bursts through the tape and they all dive in:

And quickly back out again:

This was a nice moment:

These guys were hilarious!:

There were a few Vikings in the crowd as well:

A lifeguard looks on:

The crowd was massive that day:

And I'll close with one more Viking:

What a blast! I'm already looking forward to next year's Polar Bear Swim!


watson said...

Excellent shots! It must have been shivering fun! Happy New Year Mark!

Wendi said...

First I must say, I could look at your photography all day...although I have probably already told you that. Now, for the second comment....why is it, that here in Boston, all the participants of the Polar Bear swim are overweight middle aged men??!! There are no good looking men or beautiful women??? Makes me want to move to Canada :)

Mark said...

Thanks Wendi! :) I'm glad you like the shots! Sorry about your luck with the Polar Bear Swims in Boston, but you're more than welcome to come to Vancouver and see the next one. ;)

greekchickie said...

Wow.... wicked wild pictures! You are an awesome photographer.

And those people? Gaawwd! INSANE! What the devil are they thinking?! Aaack!

Enjoyed your blog...