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Saturday, May 01, 2004

I was just reminded tonight why I dread filing my tax return. I always buy the tax software and this year was no different. The process of filling in the necessary fields on the tax form was simple like it always is, but E-filing--now that's a problem! Before I could E-file my tax return, I had to have an identification (verification) number. This is a 4 digit number that is supposed to be printed on my annual tax package that I get in the mail each year. The problem is, this year I'm almost certain I didn't get a tax package in the mail, ergo, no identification number. Bloody hell!

I noticed on the government website however that there was a special section devoted to people like me that are misfortunate enough to find themselves in this situation. "Click here if you need a verification number" it says. "Ok good, what a relief!" I though, as I clumsily navigated in that direction. But when I was directed to that page it indicated that for security reasons, I must type the exact number from line 150 of my tax return from 2002. Now I was starting to get a little frustrated. After turning my entire apartment upside down, I finally found last years tax forms. I found the number I'd entered in line 150 and input the number along with my s.i.n. and birthdate. They said it was wrong--that there was some inconsistency there some where.

Then I realized that I actually had 2 t4 slips from 2002, because I had two jobs that year. So I simply added the total income from both jobs and tried that number. It didn't work either. I now had only three chances left to get it right, or the security system would lock my account.

Here's the part that really sucked. I had to reinstal last years tax software and redo my taxes from 2002!! just so I could find out that number. I was also trying to phone their help line as well to see if they could give me another number, but it was busy everytime I called.

I completed last years taxes (again) and came up with another number. I entered it in, and they said that was invalid as well. I had only one chance left, and that was to load up the data from 2002 which is actually stored on an entirely separate hard drive. I managed to find the old file, updated the ols software and checked out the input field for line 150. I entered the number at it worked! At that point I was ready to give up.

If i had the option of being kicked in the stomach, or doing my taxes, I'd take the kick to the stomach!

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