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Monday, January 19, 2004

Trailer Disaster,



Today there was a little mishap at work. It seems a very heavy pile of metal fencing fell over and squashed one of our tractor trailers.

I noticed yesterday that they (the contractors who are building a metal fence up on the highway near our works yard) stacked the metal fencing rather close to the tractor trailer, and I wondered how we were supposed to hook up the trailer to our truck with that pile directly in the way. I'm thankful that no one got caught in between the pile and the tractor. Here's some more photos of the carnage:

On the weekend it was raining again, so I didn't do much photography. However, I did end up going to Fort Langley with my Friend A. and his Girlfriend J. It's kinda neet there; lots of old buildings and things to look at. I got A. to shoot some photos of my goofing around:

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