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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Today I was stuck working in the middle of the woods (in the middle of nowhere) and then the fog rolled in.

Oh god, I think I'm in the movie "Deliverance". Somebody get me a banjo.

That was T. holding up a shovel like a rifle. Yeah, I really don't know why. I just took the picture.

So yeah; weird day today. After work I got home and I had every intention of doing some exercises, but I took a nap instead. I managed to throw myself out of bed at about 6:30 though, so it wasn't one of those nights where I slept the night away after 5:00PM. I hate when that happens.

I stopped by L.'s place tonight and we watched American Idol. I don't usually watch that show, but man is it funny!! I can't believe just how bed some of those singers are! I mean some of them are really good but there are a few that are amazingly awful! You wouldn't catch me up there singing my guts out just to have Simon tell me I'm the 'new worst thing he's ever heard'. Bloody hell no! But then I don't sing.

So after we watched American Idol, I had to leave because I still had to get some groceries for this week at Extra Foods (a supermarket that I like to go to). I wanted to make some nice pita wraps with rice, Tzatziki, and tuna or something in them, but they were all out of Tzatziki. It seems I rarely get what I want in life, even a simple little jar of Tzatziki, without some stupid obstacle in my way. So I ended up buying Miracle Whip instead. Not a real replacement for Tzatziki, but at least it's Kosher.

Holy crap, I gotta get to bed. It's another late night and I'm going to have troubles getting out of bed.

bye for now.

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