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Monday, November 10, 2003

Sunday was a really nice day here on the west coast. I went to New Westminster with my friend A. And his girlfriend J. We went down to the river at New Westminster Quay.

There's always lots of people walking down there when the weather is good. There's a boardwalk all the way along the river. It's not my favorite place, but it is quite nice.

There's always a lot of gulls there competing for scraps of food. Someone (not me) threw away a sandwich and these seagulls went completely crazy!

(Note: No seagulls were hurt in the making of this document)

Another cool thing we discovered there were two little Saffron flowers. For those of you who don't already know, Saffron is a very rare spice and it's worth more than gold. It's the little red colored stigmas in the flower that they use in the production of the spice. These (threads) are so tiny, that it takes thousands of them to produce a few grams of Saffron.

Tomorrow is Remembrance Day for us Canadians. I usually go to the local war Memorial ceremonies to show my respect for those who fought for us.