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Monday, October 20, 2003

Aahh! It's nice being on Vacation! Even though it's raining, I'm still managing to find all kinds of things to entertain myself. Today I went into town and met up with my friend J. (the journalist, not my lovely J.S. from Ontario) and we ended up going to a movie. We saw Veronica Guerin. It's very harsh movie (in my opinon about a journalist, Veronica Guerin, who tries to expose the druglords in Ireland. She gets in all kinds of trouble and sadly she gets shot. She did manage to expose the druglords and they end up in jail, but it was unfortunate that she didn't have any protection. She might have been better off as a detective rather than a journalist. She also put her family at risk.

After that I drove to Tim Hortons and had a vegetarian big bagette. It wasn't very enjoyable. Those things are really 'hit-and-miss'. Then I went to the gym for a workout. I haven't worked out since my car broke down, so it's been about 10 days. I was going to work out this morning, but I slept in. I love sleeping in.


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