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Thursday, September 04, 2003

Oh boy, it's hot today! I was working mostly out on the street, doing pruning and stuff. I nearly melted. I'm ready for the cooler weather now, as long as it doesn't rain too much. I saw these people on little scooters today while I was in the big work truck. I had my camera with me, so I shot a pictures through the truck windshield.

At lunch time we found a nice cool spot in a park. I had two fillet-o-fish burgers and some fries for lunch because I was too tired last night to make a lunch for the next day. I don't really like fast food, but I was pretty hungry. A few crows began to gather around where I was sitting. I didn't want my fries, so I gave them to the crows.

I like crows. They're very fascinating to me.

They gobbled up my fries quickly and effectively.

When I returned to the main works yard today there was a new truck there for us. It's pretty nice; leather interior, air conditioning--the whole works. I'm not sure who gets to drive it yet though.

Here's some of the guys checking it out:

Here's some more photos from the weekend.

This is me with the medium format Mamiya C-330 camera. My friend A. took these photos with my digital camera.

It sure is a lot of fun using the big camera. I hope my photos turn out nice.

Cows Crossing!

Here's some acorns I got at work today. I had to trim a large oak tree. I didn't see any squirrels around, but they would have loved these!

I'm off to bed now. Happy Friday everyone! Gnite.

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