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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Here's some more infrared images. Click on the links to see the larger ones:

This is from Burnaby Mountain near my apartment. It is the view of the north mountains just after sunset.

Burnaby north.

This is the view south. It's difficult to see it here, but you can actually see all the way to Vancouver Island from up here. On a clear morning it looks incredible.

Here's the view facing west towards Vancouver city. This is a normal color image, not infrared:

And a wide angle of the garden bed with a flag in it:

Today I took the camera out to the front of the apartment building and shot some photos of myself with the camera on a tripod. I used infrared again; this time one in real color infrared and the other in black and white infrared. Here are those two images:

Me in infrared black and white.

Another of me in black and white infrared.

Me in infrared color.

Infrared sure does some strange things. It makes my skin have kind of a glow to it and I look very white like stone. It makes my dark sunglasses transparent. I'm eager to shoot photos of other people to see what it does to them as well. I'll keep you posted.

Ok, I gotta go do my exercises now.

See ya later!

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