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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

My TV Died

It actually happened about a month ago, but I only got around to throwing it out to the dumpster today. For the past year or so, it had a funny green bar at the top of the screen when it was on. After a while I didn't really notice it anymore; until a few weeks ago, when I turned it on. It let out a loud shrieking noise, then the green bar on the top of the screen moved to the middle of the screen. The shrieking sound intensified for a moment and then the green bar became a thin,(but extremely bright) green line. Then it went out, and that was the end.

Poor TV. I bought it way back when I first moved to Vancouver. That thing lasted a long time considering all that it has been through. Now it's in TV heaven. Darn thing was expensive too.

September 1991
to December 2004


watson said...

For a life span of well over ten years, I'd say it lived a ripe old age. Mine had the tuner replaced only at age 6! It's working fine again, but the channel and volume buttons can't quite decide if they want to go decrease or increase.

So what brand will your new viewing companion be?

Mark said...

I think my next one will be a Sony wega 27" or another Panasonic. Maybe a Hitachi. As long as it's good and bigger than 21" then I'm happy. CRT tv's here have become a lot less expensive than they used to be. Difficult to carry into the house though!

greekchickie said...

Hi, I like your blog...

I think I would go nuts if I didn't have TV for a day, let alone a month. But I know the feeling - my TV was struck by lightning a few years ago. Now that was strange! But, luckily, she's been updated with a newer/better model!


Mark said...

Struck by lightning?! Holy crap! Now, you didn't have your TV up on the top of a hill did you? If you checked on the box, it probably says "do not place on top of hill, may attract lightning". ;)

I guess I don't miss my TV all that much. I have a large monitor on my computer and I have a DVD played installed in it, so I usually watch movies on the computer. But if my computer goes down for any amount of time, I nearly go mental.

Thanks for liking my blog, glad you came by!


bingo and betty said... tv sounds like my blister (wife).

Alfred said...

I think it would be healthy if my tv collapsed. But if it did, I know I would have a new one within hours...
I watch too much tv, and I really try to do something about it. Took a quick look at your site, and it looks like you manage to get out and make great photos. The looks of your site was impressing too. Much "cleaner" and more easy to navigate than mine although we both use "blogger". I`m impressed! Alfred.

Wendi said...

Too funny! Maybe it will meet up with my toaster and VCR in "appliance heaven" (unless it was a naughty tv and is going to the "other" place) :) Let me know when the memorial service will be held :)

Robert said...

My TV is close to 20 years old. It's a 27" Sharp console TV and is still going strong. There's a little ghosting but it isn't bad.