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Monday, October 03, 2005

Langley Cruise-In

Here are some of the photos I shot at the annual Langley Cruise-In this year:

This is the General Lee, one of the actual cars used in the Dukes of Hazzard movie.

There were lots of Cobras there. I liked this one:

Here's a rare car:

No car show is complete without a DeLorean:

There were even a few cool bikes there. Here's one with a chrome guitar case:

This was my favorite car at the show. The paint on this car was amazing, you really had to be there to appreciate it fully:


Wendi said...

These are great!

My dad has an old red pickup truck like the one in the picture half way down. Its his baby!!

Hey, I added a new photoblog to my regular blog....if you get a chance check it out :)

Mark said...

Thanks Wendi! Glad you like em. I like old trucks too, but my favourite are those old deuce coups, those are cool.

I'm gonna check out your new photoblog now.


Keith said...

These pics are so cool -- wish I could have been there. I wonder if my first car (1931 Nash coupe complete with wooden wheels and a rumble seat) would have have been a hit? Naw, not likely. I also owned a '36 Ford and a '49 Ford. Sure wish I had them now. :-)

Mark said...

Thanks for coming by Keith! It sounds like you had some really cool cars! I'm glad you liked my photos.