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Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Here's one of those 'pay telescope things'.

Call me weird, but I've always liked these telescope things. When I was a little kid, I remember my parents taking me on vacation. It seemed like wherever we went, there was almost always one of these to play with. Sometimes I was too short, and my dad would have to pick me up so I could see through it. Most of the time I couldn't really see anything though it, but that didn't matter; it was the idea that was cool. I remember finding the occasional one that was broken, and didn't require a quarter to make it work. That was a major bonus. Today I tried this one without a quarter, but it wouldn't let me see anything--it seems to be functioning--besides, now they want a dollar, not just a quarter. And it's 2 dollars if you want to see through both holes. Of course you want to see through both holes--what were they thinking?! Sheesh!


Wendi said...

I love when I check here and you have new posts & photos.

K Murphy J said...

This is such a great shot. So graphic, tight in to the object, and so evident. Love it. (But I agree, 2 dollars is highway robbery!!!)

Mark said...

Thanks Wendi and K! :)

Metallyptica said...

I hate those telescopes! I always found that too expensive (actually it's more like K says, a robbery!) and never actually used that... altough I always find at least oner of those wherever I may roam! :)