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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Wednesday was another one of those days. I was a little tired at work because I didn't sleep very good on Tuesday night. Well, I didn't realize exactly how tired I was until I got home. I had plans to go to the gym and do some exercises, then I was going to come home, have dinner and work on the T-shirt design I've been working on for the up coming "Trees for Life 10K Fun Run". Well all my plans for the evening fell through when my body said "no".

I was sitting at my computer, checking my email when I started getting a little bit tired, then blackout! I suddenly wake up with a jerk, and discover I'd fallen asleep, sitting upright with my head flopped forward and my chin on my chest. I even drooled on myself. (I'm sure glad I live alone sometimes, 'cause how embarrassing would that be?). So I clumsily got up off my office chair and slumped down on the floor with some pillow. Out I went again. I don't remember getting up and climbing into bed, but that's where I woke up at about 9:30 PM. Bloody hell. There goes my evening. I had to eat a late dinner, which I don't like doing. Now I'm wide awake when I should be sleeping. You see, it's this working for a living thing that bugs me. When will my ship come in?

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