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Monday, October 04, 2004

Weekends always fly by...

...And before I know it, I'm back workin' for the 'Man' again. All work and no play, makes Mark a dull boy.

But anyway, I did have a good weekend. I got up really early on Saturday morning and I went out to Burnaby Lake , at about 7:00 AM, with my friend A. to shoot some sunrise photos. It was quite foggy when we arrived there, and the sun had not come over the horizon yet--it was about 5 minutes away. I set up and shot a bunch of photos of the geese and other waterfowl that were just getting ready for the day. It's interesting to watch them stretching their legs and wings while they're waiting for the sun to rise. As soon as it did rise, the geese started flapping their wings and calling out to each other, while signaling with special head nodding.

The colors of the sun in the morning mixed with the thick fog were spectacular. The light was a gold, platinum color reflecting off the water. I shot several photos of the birds in the water with a lot of bright reflection. It was hard to look into my camera because of the brightness, but it was worth it.

I posted a couple photos the other day with the birds standing in the fog, but I ran out of time for posting more. Here is one of my favorites:

I wish you all could see the image in it's original size and color. It's exciting to see the light like that.

On Sunday I went into Vancouver on a photo adventure with Bingo and Betty! If you're not sure what I'm talking about, be sure to check out Bingo and Betty on Blogger:

Ok, I'm starting to fade now, so it's time for bed. I've got more photos to post, I'll put them up soon.



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