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Thursday, June 03, 2004

Yesterday it was a nice sunny day outside, which was great because we've been having really crappy weather in this part of the world lately. It seems we've been having our rainy season late this year.

So yesterday after work, I went to the gym and then I ate out at Red Robin after, with my friend A. He brought his camera with him, so after we ate, we drove over to Burnaby Lake Park and took some photos. A. hasn't been there in a while, so he was surprised to see how many ducklings and goslings there are.

There were some friendly German tourists at the end of the dock, whom were asking us about the beavers. They were eager to see them. Usually the beavers at Burnaby Lake Park start coming in at dusk, and so they were delighted to see them when they began to appear. I love beavers too.

A. got some photos of me with my camera. Here's some of them:

These ones are from the train tracks near the lake:

And here's A. with his trusty Nikon:

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