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Sunday, May 30, 2004

I visited my favorite nature spot again (when we had some sunshine). The geese with their new, young families are doing well. All the little ones have gained quite a bit of weight. The ones I took photos of a few weeks ago are now about 8lbs or more.

I brought some raw sunflower seeds to feed them as a nice treat. Geese, ducks and birds absolutely love raw sunflower seeds. I gave them sunflower seeds without the shells on, so that the little ones could enjoy them as well, (I think the unshelled ones may be more difficult to eat).

Mom had some too:

This little guy sure was happy (and he had a big full tummy too).

Here's some of the young gang on their way to inspect a new human arival:

Nature never ceases to amaze me. How can anything be so colorful? I've found it very difficult in the past to get so close to the Harlequin duck, but I was fortunate this time. This little fellow was too busy preeninghimself, to give much attention to how close I was. I was sitting down though, so he wasn't intimidated by me:

Shake, shake, shake!

Final shake:

...and he's finished preening for now:

This one has been with the group for about 2 years or so now. This one is an unusual color; it has the Canada goose (Branta canadensis) markings, but is a much lighter color. It may be a cross breed of some kind. I've actually seen two of this species together (last year) but I haven't seen the other one yet this year.

Wooo Hooo!!

I really don't like these leg bands (as I'm sure the geese don't like them either)! Nobody owns these birds. Imagine having one of these around your ankle for the rest of your life?

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