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Sunday, March 28, 2004

My Mamiya C330 Professional is going up for auction today on Ebay. I need to sell this camera and my lighting kit so I can purchase a Canon 200mm f/2.8L lens that is available at Dunne and Rundle Photo Source on Granville downtown Vancouver.

The lens is one of my favorites. The optical quality is outstanding. It will make and excellent long-range portrait lens because it creates beautiful compression effects as well as a nice 'painterly' background blur if you like that kind of portrait. I do.

On my Canon EOS 10D, this lens is equivalent to a 320mm f/2.8, because of the 1.6x magnification factor in my camera (it's because the image sensor is smaller than a 35mm SLR film camera).

Here's some photos of the Mamiya I'm selling:

I'm also including this 180mm lens along with the 80mm lens on the camera:

"So why are you selling your medium format camera?" some of you might be thinking. Well, I will miss the medium format camera, but at this point, (as much as I like it), it's not as important as the 200mm lens. That's something I will be using a lot (if it all works out and I end up getting it).

Yesterday I had a bit of a bad day, nothing really went as planned. I had to go out to the lake for a while to try to relax a little and get 'one with my chi' so to speak. Today will be a better day I think.

See ya later!

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