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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Today turned out to be a terrific day. I started out by driving over to Burnaby Lake and visiting with the animals. (Those of you who visit my journal frequently already know how much I love the Canada geese). I brought the big medium format camera (Mamiya C300 Pro) with me, because I wanted to use up the last few shots on a roll of film I had in it. I planned on continuing on to downtown Vancouver right after to have coffee with my photojournalist friend J.

So I shot the last few photos on the Mamiya, then I used the EOS 10D to shoot some more of my favorite geese, which were all around me. I was crouched down low as to not frighten them (this position seems to make them feel comfortable around me, and they get close).

It was nice and warm in the sun this morning, so a few of the geese were taking naps:

These two got into a bit of an argument:

Here I am, watching them:

Here are some geese just coming in for a landing:

Someone off in the distance had some goose food, and so they all got up to go for lunch:

So I left Burnaby Lake and headed into Vancouver. Traffic was completely mental and I almost got into a few accidents, but that's pretty much par for the course when driving in Vancouver now. We have the worst drivers in the entire country, but I won't get into that here; it's an whole other story.

There wasn't too much happening down town, so I didn't really do as much photography as I did wandering around. Near the end of the day, I decided to head over to the beach and get some shots as the sun went down. I went to Kits Beach in the Kitsilano district of Vancouver. I don't go there very often but today I went there quite honestly by mistake. Yes, I got stuck driving in the turn lane and had to go over the bridge, so since I was there anyway, I decided to park at the beach.

The sunset was nice, but it was getting pretty cold. I shot some photos with the medium format camera (which I fumbled with--cold hands and all) and I shot a few more with the EOS 10D (which I also fumbled with. It's hard to use a camera when you can't feel your fingers).

Here's some of those shots:

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