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Thursday, January 08, 2004

It's warmed up a little here now, and the snow is being replaced with rain. I've slipped on the ice about 10 times now.

This Sunday I have plans to go on a photography treck with my friend J. and some of his friends. I hope the weather will be nice. Yesterday they were forecasting sun on Sunday, but now the forecast has changed to rainy. I hope the meteorologists are wrong this time.

Tonight I've been working on my new web page for my photography business. It's been a long time in the making, because I keep making changes. I've very picky about how it will finally look. The part I've been working on lately is the image portfolio section. I've included several of my favorite images and I spent most of this evening reformatting the image files and adding my copyright information to each.

When it's almost ready to publish, I'll post a sneak preview link here. One problem I'm having though is deciding how I'm going to host the web page. At this point I have it stored in my Shaw account web space. I own a domain name which I purchased through Network Solutions and I want to use my domain name as my website address. I don't want the "" address on my business cards or website address. Network Solutions offers several types of web page hosting, but I'd rather not use their templates or pay them $40.00+/- per month for hosting. So that's something I'll have to work out soon.

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