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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Today was a beautiful day! I went for a good bike ride this afternoon up in the hills near my house. I had every intention of going to the gym afterwards, but I forgot my bike lock at home, so I had to go back for it.

By the time I got home I was feeling rather hungry, so I ate lunch. Then I sat on the chase lounge with Sarah my cat and watched some TV.

I fell asleep.

I guess I was too comfortable. After that nice nap, there was no way I'd be going to the gym. That would have been impossible. So I really must go tomorrow morning some time so I can catch up with my routine.

My nephew R. sent me his own rendition of one of my Beaker photos from yesterday. It's hillarious!

Here's some more photos from today:

The huge mountain you can see behind those buildings is Mount Baker in Washington USA. It's actually a volcano and it's absolutely huge! It has snow on it all year round.

This is a new movie studio near my home. There are several of these here now.


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