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Wednesday, October 15, 2003

I updated my journal yesterday, but it wouldn't post the update. oh well, I'll do it again.

Car repair blues. I have them. I found out the other day that my car repairs will total over $2000.00 dollars! That hurts me. Rather ironic considering I just purchased a new digital SLR a few weeks ago. Sometimes I wonder if the 'powers that be' are toying with me.

But anyways, enough of my complaining.

I was at my nephew's place a few days ago and after dinner we all played that game Balderdash. That game is a riot!

My nephew's dog N. decided to try and take advantage of me while we were playing. She launched a lick attack on me and my friend T.'s cousin M. captured it with my camera.

Here's my friend's T. and K.:

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