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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

"Where have I been?!" You might be thinking.

I've been a very busy boy lately. I can barely keep up with my regular activities. I've been mostly working on photography projects and now I'm repairing another computer for my good friend R. (The one with the Blues band).

I've also been trying to get more exercise, which I have been managing to do lately. I've been doing a lot of bike riding and a little working out as well. I prefer the bike riding, I really dislike the gym.

R. was very happy with his graduation photos and so was his family. That made me very happy. Making people happy is the best feeling in the world, so I love it. If I make someone happy, I feel great.

My newphew R.'s birthday is on the 12th of June, so some friends and I got together and bought some really nice binoculars for him. When we bought the binoculars, we were also given a great big black and yellow striped golf umbrella. It looks like a big hornet, or something a hornet would use. Since it's a golf umbrella, we came up with a name for it and presented my nephew with the "The Tiger Woods 'Hornet'". You had to be there.

I made a funny video the other day of my cat Sarah stealing a cookie. I added music and some special effects and it came out really funny. It's a really big file size, but I'm going to try to find a way to post it here so you all can download it. I'll work on it. The cookie video was my first attempt with this new video editing software I have. I'll do some more soon and post links to them, or make them available on CD. It sould be fun.

Ok, I'm off to bed. More to come.


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