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Thursday, June 12, 2003

It's Thursday night and I just rode my bike up to SFU. SFU isn't very far from my apartment, but it's up at the top of a big mountain, so it's one hell of a hill climb on a bike. When I got to the top I was all sweaty, then when I rode back down I was freezing cold because I was going super fast. It started to rain on the way back, so I got soaked as well.

I know it sounds like it's not much fun, but I really like it. It's keeping me in good health and I prefer biking outside over working out in the gym.

I helped my best friend L. finish her house painting today. All the tricky little areas were finished (she got up at 6:00am this morning and did the little areas) so it didn't take us long to do the big areas this time.

I should get caught up on some things tonight. I have tons of photos that need to be retouched in photoshop still. This whole business of photography seems to equate to 10% shooting to 90% working on the processing part. I've kinda let the processing part pile up a little lately.

Have a good night.


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