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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Excellent Sake

I really enjoy good Sake. I've had many different kinds; some very good, others not as much. Most of the time I like it hot, but I've tried a few varieties are are better served chilled.

On Friday night, I went for dinner with a photography friend at Kitto, a Japanese restaurant on Granville Street near Robson in Vancouver. I like Kitto because of the authentic Japanese food. It doesn't cost very much, and it's really healthy.

My friend had never tried Sake, so I ordered a small bottle that we could share during our meal. I chose the Nigori unfiltered Sake. It's kind of a creamy white color because the little micro particles of rice are not filtered out. It's a rather sweet tasting Sake, and it's very smooth. I loved it, and so did my friend. It's best served chilled. Here's a shot I took of the bottle with two small glasses of the Sake:

If you are a fan of Sake already, then you'll love this kind.


zbjernak said...

this look like barley drinks...

hmmm... is it smooth?
i tried the normal sake...
hot...and warm...

Randall said...

Good stuff,Cheers..:)
It comes with many flavors,Be careful it will sneak up on ya.