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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Chicken Drinking Beer

Some friends of mine have a chicken named "Chicken". Chicken is really an amazing bird because she doesn't know she's a chicken. She was raised by my friends from a chick.

The other night I was visiting my friends and they brought Chicken out of her house. She had some sushi and amazingly, she also had some beer! I couldn't believe it when my friends told me she actually loves beer, until I saw her drink it. First she drank it from a bottle cap, then she drank it from the bottle. Here's some photos:


Tasting the brew

Enjoying her beer


I guess she likes beer in general, but she seems to prefer the imported Dos Equis Special Lager over the other beer. I like them both.

When I asked "What if she gets drunk?" My friends said she knows her limit. What a great chicken! I'm going back there for a better photo shoot in a couple of weeks.


Wendi said...

A Mexican beer drinking chicken, now I've seen it all!!!!!!!!!!! Too funny!!! I bet she would be real tender and tasty over a plate full of rice :)

Mark said...

Gasp!! :shocked: How could you think of Chicken that way? LOL!! But you're probably right, she would be tastey! Hahaha!

Wendi said...

LOL!! Considering Chicken is a staple in this household, I cant help but think that way :)

Just think how tender she must be from marinating so long :) hee hee!!!

Mark said...

She's quite a hefty chicken too. I've lifted her up, and she feels more like a turkey! LOL! In two weeks I'm going to be doing a photo essay on her. It should be fun--and probably the weirdest photo shoot I've done so far.

zbjernak said...

tht is animal cruelty!


Anonymous said...

This is awesome.